Monday, February 6, 2012

Putting on the Glitz

Taylor was invited to participate in a style show for one of our local formals shop, The Glitz.  Her friend Lexie Jones also participated.  They had their hair and make-up done at Salon Pink.  Actually, Taylor had her make-up done twice!  She didn't like the first go round and had Lexie's mom, Debi (a Mary Kay consultant) re-do it.  The event was held at The Reserve - a rental place for weddings and such.  Taylor modeled one dress, although she was supposed to do two.  Can you believe another girl took her second dress and modeled it instead??  Ugh - I have said it before, girls can be so mean.  But overall, it was a good experience!


Lexie and Taylor after the show.  They had a photo booth for everyone to try out.  And you can rent it for your next party!  Only $675.00!!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

B's Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Brooklyn Carrol!  Can't believe my baby is 12!  Technically as of right now, 12 years and 5 days.  I won't go into the hours and seconds.  But I do remember growing up and making sure everyone knew I was such and such age and 1/4 or 1/2 and so on!  Well now I'm counting down to having two teenagers in the house.  Girls at that.  CAN NOT WAIT (said sarcastically!)

It was Little Caesar's for supper - a cheese, pepperoni, 3 meat and 2 packages of bread sticks to be exact (do you remember when you always got two pizzas from Little Caesar's and it came on a long piece of cardboard with a paper covering??)  Water bottles and one Dr. Pepper (that would belong to B.)  And a cookie cake to make us angry when it's all gone!  Donuts for breakfast and manicures for brunch!

Brooklyn, Sophie Steelman, Alexa Sanchez, Justice Renner

Looks like someone stole some chocolate!

At Hollywood Nails

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dance Competition

We made it through our first competition!  It was held at Keller High School in Keller.  Not having a clue what it was really all about, I think we managed pretty well.  I was terrified of the false eyelashes!  This task was assigned to Taylor, but she couldn't do it!  She did go to Target and buy them for me tho! We sat in the parking lot, put on the makeup and glued the spidery looking things in place!  I didn't see a DRAMATIC difference, but I guess just enough. 

So, if you've ever seen the show "Dance Moms" it was kind of like that but on a smaller scale - I think?!  For one thing we were at a school and I've never seen them perform on a gym floor.  But there were definitely moms there with the matching or semi-matching shirts supporting their dance school.  Moms with garment bags for each individual costume and rolling clothes racks.  And LOTS of bling and furry eyelashes! And there were Dance Dads too.  Now our dance instructor, Sommer McBee, is nothing like Abby Lee from the show - whew!  I would be out of there and could not/would not put my daughter through anything like that.  And of course it's television and I'm sure is scripted quite a bit. 

It was a pretty long day.  We had to sit on bleacher seats (should have brought a seat cushion!)  Luckily, it was very fast moving.  Each routine had to be no more than 2 minutes :30 seconds.  Lots of solos too.  Brooklyn is on the Youth Team and they performed a hip-hop, novelty and pom routine.  I loved them all!

Waiting to do their pom routine (they won Super Sweepstakes on this and the novelty routine - not sure what that means!):

They remind of the dancers in the Robert Palmer video, Addicted to Love!

Pictures from the novelty dance:

With Erin Jackson

The girls also took Super Sweepstakes in the Hip Hop and first place!  And wouldn't you know I don't have pictures of that dance!  I was trying to video it without success.  Luckily, we have two more competitions at the end of the month.

On our way home:

Until next time...